Crosley Record Player Review

Recently I got a Crosley record player. I've been wanting to get one for so long and I finally decided to splurge and get it! I got the Crosley X UO Cruiser Velvet Bluetooth Record Player in PINK! The record player I have JUST sold out:( Here is the same player in a different finish Crosley X UO Cruiser Metallic Bluetooth Record Player. I've had this record player for a couple months so I know what I like about it and what I don't like. That being said I am going to review this record player for anyone who is interested in getting one.


  • Equipped with Bluetooth technology for streaming music wirelessly from any handheld device. This record player is great because you can play music from your phone or any blue tooth device and have it come through the speakers, the sound quality is great.
  • 3 speeds (33 1/3, 45, 78) The one thing I did not like about my old record player is that it was only one speed. This record player allows you to play all size records. Some records are heavy while others are light, if you have a one speed record player you won't be able to listen to different size records. If the record is too heavy it will make the music sound very slow and low. Having 3 speeds on this record player is a huge plus!
  • Headphone jack. This record player has a headphone jack, personally I would never use it because it seems awkward to sit by the record player with headphones but for some people it's a plus!
  • Automatic stop. I love this feature. When your record is done playing the turn table will automatically stop. Most record players keep spinning.
  • The volume on this record player is quite loud and crisp. New records still have that old school sound of a vinyl. Old records sound beautiful on this player!
  • Ascetically pleasing. This record player is definitely a beauty! It looks so gorgeous on my record stand, I also got my record stand from Urban Outfitters. The stand I got is sold out but I found another one that looks similar. The hardware on this particular player is brass so it gives it a vintage feel.
  • If you want to hear this record player as well as see my record collection you can watch my YouTube video.


  • My one and only con is that this record player does not seem to work well with new records (records bought from Urban Outfitters). The audio seems to sound off tune at times. I'm not sure why this happens since it works beautifully with all my vintage records. I have only one new record so it could just be this record, I will try to buy another new record soon and update this post. 

Final thoughts:

  • I would definitely recommend buying this record player. I love it so much and I listen to it everyday! Plus it's fun to take pictures with it hehe! 

UPDATE 3/1/17

After I posted my video on this record player I got TONS of rude comments from record "specialists" saying Crosley's are terrible and will destroy my records. I did a lot of research on it and couldn't find much information to back up what everyone was saying. Many people say Crosley's are great for people who listen to them for "hobby" and play new records on them. What I've been told is that playing vintage records on a Crosley could damage the record because of the needle weight. Needless to say I ended up returning my record player (not happy about it haha) because I only listen to old records and did not want to take a chance ruining them. However, the main reason why I returned this player was because it started to skip when I would play a record. For now I will continue to use my vintage record player until I can find a new record player that I like. I know many people who have Crosley's and they've never had a problem with it so I may have just gotten a defective player.

FTC this post is not sponsored. Links are affiliate meaning if you purchase through my link I may earn a small percentage of the sale. This helps me to keep making content. 


  1. Just buy what you like, and don't listen to the naysayers. The vintage world is littered with elitist snobs that truly believe they know best, and that if you don't agree - then you must be trashed along with the equipment they look down upon.
    I've been using 'vintage' equipment since it was new. Most vintage players have much heavier tracking force, much worse vibration (consoles), etc. I love my old Voice of Music Console, but there is nothing wrong with a fun little Crosley. Shoot - go for a Crosley Collegiate or Snap - if you're wanting an 'all in one' experience. Great sound in a portable player, with good quality cartridge / needle and tonearm adjustment.
    Funny thing is - you'll still get haters, just because of the Crosley name, but you'll have a great player with great sound for not much more than you paid for your first unit.
    Great videos and I'm glad you brokeinto Vinyl. You'll have a lot of fun. Take care, and don't listen to anyone but you. :)

    1. No, she`s Crosley not great player. For same price she can buy AT-LP60 turntable and with this turntable she dont destroy any record. Dont push this lovely girl to wrong way, please. She love to listen vinyl records, but she dont deserve to destroy this great, expensive and rare record collectin. She deserve to listen true about him turntable and record collection.

    2. John you obviously don't know shit by calling that thing "good quality" and other false b.s. I don't agree with people being snobbish or bullying, but stop lying to her saying it's good quality because it is not. If you had any real knowledge you'd know that.

  2. Fred Waring And His Pennsylvanians ‎– Song Hits From Walt Disney Films (Label: Decca ‎– DL 5435, 1952.) is one of the most rarest vinyl records in the world. You destroy this very expensive collection on Crosley turntable. If you want to sell this records, you can get any price what you want (hundreeds, thousends or million dollars), you decide how much you want. Please dont destroy this records on this turntable. Better to say, dont play this records anymore on any turntable, just forget it that you have it. This records is golden mine.

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  5. The Crosley is definitely a low quality player, but the irritating part of the video is you touching the record grooves. Thats an absolute "do not do that!"

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