Cupcake Milkshakes | Red Velvet & Cotton Candy

Hello everyone! It has been so hot where I live lately which makes baking not so enjoyable, so today I decided to make something a little different; a cupcake milkshake! Yummmmmy! 

If you want video instructions click here:)


**Note this is for one serving so it is not very big so feel free to double or even tripple this recipe;)

1/4 Cup of whole milk- whole milk will make the milkshake thicker
1/2 Cup of ice cream of your choice- I used Cotton Candy and Vanilla
1 Tbsp of cream cheese *for red velvet
3 mini cupcakes- I used red velvet and vanilla 

Starbucks frappuccino glass
Paper Straws


Red Velvet milkshake-
Blend together the milk, vanilla ice cream, red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese until smooth.

Cotton Candy milkshake-
Blend together the milk, cotton candy ice cream and vanilla cupcakes until smooth.

If you want the shake to be thicker simply add more ice cream!

Now for the bottles! Dip the rim of the bottles into the frosting then dip it into the sprinkles! Once you've done this you can add in the milkshake and place a straw in and ENJOY!

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