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Must Haves For Spring

The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping, that can only mean one thing. Spring is here! Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I feel like a new gal, my mood gets happier and the clothes get cuter. Whenever Spring comes I love to channel a Parisian vibe. The French style is so effortless and chic. In today's post I am going to share with you my must haves for Spring 2018!

The Straw Bag
I'm pretty sure this is on everyones list this year. They are so cute and go with any outfit. Here are some of my favorite straw bags.

This has been my favorite year for shoes. I normally can't find many shoes I like but this Spring season I have found a wide variety of shoes that I am obsessed with!

Who else is in love with the retro sunglass trend? They make me feel like a vintage queen!

I have been loving the fashion trends this year! I have some pieces listed below that have caught my eye!

Each season I like to change up my makeup, I always go for a natural look but I tweak the colors. This season I have been loving Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and so many products from Urban Decay!

Those are my current favorites for this spring! What are your go-to items for this Spring?!

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Pastel Easter Puff Cookies

Every Easter my family and I make these puffs! They are delicious with a cup of coffee and look so festive. They are a must for our Easter, I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!  


4 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. baking powder
3 cups flour (add 1/2 cup extra if the batter is too wet)

Step 1: Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees. Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla together until combined. Slowly add in the oil. Next, in a separate bowl whisk together the dry ingredients. Slowly mix the dry ingredients into the wet, dough will form.

Step 2: Roll dough into small balls, place on lined sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes or until puffy. Be careful not to over-bake! 


Powdered sugar
Lemon juice
Vanilla extract (optional)
Food coloring

I have no exact measurements for the icing, the icing should look like a thick glaze. I usually start with a cup of powdered sugar and slowly add in water and lemon juice (and vanilla to taste if you choose) until the consistency is is thick but slightly runny.

Divide the icing into separate bowls and color each icing a different pastel color!

Once cookies are cooled dip in frosting and place on a baking rack so that any excess frosting can drip off. Store these in an air tight container to stay moist. 

Decorate Your Home For Christmas Like The 1950's

Christmas in the 1950's were so beautiful. The trees were wrapped with colorful lights and the branches were decorated with tinsel. One of my favorite things about watching old Christmas movies is seeing how beautifully decorated the homes and trees were (here's a list of my favorite old Christmas movies)  In this post I am going to share with you how you can make your home feel old fashioned for the Christmas season. If you would a video version of this post you can watch my video here.


Many trees had the big colorful lights strung around the tree. I tested out the colorful lights on my tree and they clashed a bit with my home decor so I opted for some white lights. Christmas lights that have a bigger bulb will automatically give your tree an old fashion feel.


Adding garland to the tree is a must. I found some vintage garland when I was at a vintage market. They sell tons of garland on Etsy if you are looking for some that is authentic. If you want some newer garland then Amazon has some great choices!

Bubble Lights

Bubble lights are a classic! If you want your tree to look like it was picked out of a 1950's movie, you have to get bubble lights. I got mine from amazon and they were very affordable.


If you have ever seen an old fashioned Christmas movie you would know they go overboard on the tinsel. The more the better! I personally think it looks beautiful!

Tree Topper

An angel is very classic for the top of a tree. Check out your local antique store and I'm sure you will be able to find some vintage tree toppers there.

Toy Train

Toy trains are a must! I always see trains under Christmas trees in old movies. I found my train on Amazon and it was under $21. It even makes noise and blows steam. I was quite excited to see how awesome it looked under the tree.

Fake Snow

If you want  to have a simple yet vintage tree, you can get a can of fake snow and spray your tree. It will make your tree look magical.

Popcorn and Cranberries 

Take a needle and thread and string popcorn and cranberries to make a gorgeous garland for your tree!

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My Favorite Old Fashioned Christmas Movies

Christmas movies are so magical! Every year I get asked what my favorite old Christmas movies are so this year I made a list. I have A LOT more Christmas favorites but these are my top picks! I also added some movies from the late 90's- early 00's because they are too good to skip. If you want a full list of my favorite old movies click here. I hope you enjoy!

My Vintage Christmas House

Christmas is here!! Well, almost here. When November 1st hits I start decorating for Christmas. Since living in my condo, I seem to gravitate towards pink and girly Christmas decor. I figured that I will only be able to get away with this while I'm living on my own so I might as well go full out!

Let's start with the tree. I found this tree at Hobby Lobby and all of my decorations are from Target. This year Target has a wondershop line and it is AMAZING. It embodies my style perfectly. Under my tree I like to wrap old boxes to make it look like there are presents under the tree!

Above my sofa I replace my center art piece with this wreath I made with vintage ornaments. I love making these wreaths, if you would like a tutorial on this wreath let me know!

 Moving on to my bedroom, on my dresser I have this adorable box from Target (this year they have square ones). The tree is vintage and the deer piece is from a local Christmas shop.

Above my bed I strung pink garland that I got from the market. The deer is from an antique store. My favorite part of my room is my bed, mainly because of the pillows. They were purchased on Etsy 3 years ago and sadly I cannot find them. I found some that look similar, they are linked in the gallery below.

Lastly, I have another Christmas tree in my room. It is a mini tree from Target with pastel colored ornaments. The tree topper is very old so I am not sure where you could find one similar.

Throughout the rest of my house I have touches of vintage ornaments. If you would like to see, then be sure to watch my video!

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My Bedroom Tour

I recently decided to give my bedroom a makeover. My room was not relaxing and I still had my bed from middle school. With my 24th birthday approaching this month, I knew it was time to match my room to my current style and age. I wanted a space that was relaxing yet still fun and girly. I also wanted to incorporate a winter theme into my room. I couldn't be happier with the results. 

The first piece of furniture I bought for my new room was my bed, I wanted something simple and inexpensive. I fell in love with a bed frame from Urban Outfitters but I couldn't justify spending $700 on just a frame. I found this one on Amazon for under $200. The quality is amazing and it has a chic yet rustic vibe to it.

 I got my adorable white pillow and cream pillow from Target and the pink velvet pillow from Marshalls (I found a similar one here). The comforter is also from Target but it is very old! They still sell it in pink but they have a similar one here.

These sheets are too cute. They look very vintage and are fleece!! They are so comfy and cozy. They are from the Eddie Bauer line at Target.

Adding a tray onto your bed with some cozy accessories creates a relaxing vibe. The pink "throw blanket" at the end is actually a scarf from Aerie! You can find a similar one here.

For a nightstand I used this vintage picnic tin and placed some cute items on top. 
Moving on to the next part of my room! This is my music corner, I have my record player here. The record stand is from Urban Outfitters and the record player is vintage. I added a clothing tree (is that what they're called? I can't remember) and placed a cute vintage dress on it. I was actually trying the dress on and placed it there then realized it looked cute! So I decided it will stay there. 

I have a plant here for some greenery and added an antique tray with some candles. It looks beautiful when the candles are lit. The rug is from my grandparents home.

On the opposite side of my bed I have this white dresser I thrifted and painted white. I have vintage pieces on top to decorate it and the mirror on the wall is also vintage.

 This mid-century dresser was thrifted for $45!! Yes, only $45! It was a steal, I couldn't let it pass me. The mirror was my grandmothers and the light is from an antique shop.

 On my dresser I like to keep my newest records so I can listen to them.

In the corner next to my bed I have my Christmas tree from Hobby Lobby and one of my favorite records hung up! My tip for hanging records is to use the small clear command hooks!

The corner opposite of my bed I have an antique table and on top I have an Audrey Hepburn book called 'How To Be Lovely' I also have my Coco Chanel Perfume set and a vintage angel. Underneath I have a milk glass pitcher and some old roses. 

I hope you enjoyed my room tour! You can shop my bedroom post here!

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My Fall Favorites

Now that fall is here, the leaves are changing and so is my style. I have been having so much fun this past month playing around with new trends and new products. Below is a list of my current fall favorites. I have beauty products, clothes and more! Click through the photos for links and product details!

1. Steve Madden booties I have been a huge Steve madden fan since I was young. These shoes are so comfy and spice up any outfit. I love the trend of the shorter boot, they have a 60's vibe to them that I LOVE!
2. Warm & Cozy mug I'm pretty sure almost every girl has a mug obsession. This is so adorable for fall and winter! It's perfect to cozy up with a warm blanket and your favorite movie.
3. Friends Tee Do you know that I have a sick obsession with friends? I do. It's really bad, I relate every life situation with an episode of Friends. It drives Connor insane. Any-who! This Friends shirt has such a fun vibe to it so I had to get it. I basically live in it.
4. Ray Ban Aviators These are a go-to all year round for me. I love the aviator style, it's classic and flattering.
5. Gingham Skirt It's no secret that gingham has been a huge trend this summer. I love wearing this patern in the fall season. I pair it with a black sweater, booties and an over sized denim jacket!
6. Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation Recently I got a facial and learned that the products I had been using were not good for my skin at all! I was so shocked, my esthetician recommended this foundation and I have been loving it.
7. H&M Skirt I got this skirt for an Audrey Hepburn outfit video on my YouTube channel and fell in love with it. It is classy, elegant and timeless.
8. TreStiQue Lip Stick I got to partner with Fab Fit Fun last month and this beautiful lip stick came in the box. I have been OBSESSED with this color. It is the perfect shade of red. You can use the code "EMELYNE" for $10 off your Fab Fit Fun box!
9. Victoria's Secret Pajamas Do I even need to explain this one? I love Victoria's Secret pajamas, they are cute and so comfy. They are a must!
10-12. Paula's Choice Face Products Like I said earlier I got a facial and was recommended Paula's Choice. She gave me all new products to use and guess what? My skin has cleared up. Not just a little, A LOT! I feel so confident without makeup and my skin tone is finally looking even again. Paula's Choice has been a life saver or should I say face saver;) (very corny, I know)

Some links are affiliate meaning that if you purchase an item using my link I may get a small percentage of the sale. This helps me to continue to make my content.