How to create a vision board

There's just one more day of 2018, I hope you all had an amazing year and were able to achieve all your goals. Setting goals for the new year is so important. The past couple of years I've been creating vision boards. A vision board is a board filled with everything you want to manifest for the new year. I usually add goals I want to achieve in my personal life and business. By creating one of these boards you will constantly be reminded of what you want to work towards!

How to create your vision board

Find a board
You can get something simple like a poster board from the drug store, these are great because they are inexpensive and big enough to put all your goals. I got a small board from staples.

If you want your vision board to have a bit more style you can get a wire grid board and pin your goals to it! This board is from ASOS

Gather old magazines
Ask your family/friends for old magazines. The more the better! I went to Rite-Aid and found some magazines that specifically talk about the new year, they have such great quotes and ideas for reaching your goals.

This is the fun part, you get to be creative and create your dream year. Put anything on this board that you want to happen for the new year. This is your time to dream, put goals that seem unattainable to you. Simply cut out images and glue them onto your board. You can even make a party of it! Me and my business besties had a fun vision board party! 

What to put
You can put both small and big ideas on your board, it's all about what you want! If you want a new kitchen sink, cut out a picture of a sink. If you want to go to Greece, put a picture of Greece. Make sure your photos/words you cut out are specific. If you want to go to Greece don't just put a picture of any beach, if you want to make more money put the actual dollar amount. 

Here's some goals that I placed on my board
  • quotes that inspire me
  • a house
  • creating a new business
  • re-branding my existing business
  • doing a passion project
  • honeymoon
  • sunny wedding (good weather for our wedding is a must)
  • creative confidence
  • Greece
  • Disney World
  • yoga
  • make more money 
  • help animals
  • find a new hobby

Place this board somewhere you will see it everyday. Every time you see it you will be reminded of what you want to achieve this new year.

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