Decorate Your Home For Christmas Like The 1950's

Christmas in the 1950's were so beautiful. The trees were wrapped with colorful lights and the branches were decorated with tinsel. One of my favorite things about watching old Christmas movies is seeing how beautifully decorated the homes and trees were (here's a list of my favorite old Christmas movies)  In this post I am going to share with you how you can make your home feel old fashioned for the Christmas season. If you would a video version of this post you can watch my video here.


Many trees had the big colorful lights strung around the tree. I tested out the colorful lights on my tree and they clashed a bit with my home decor so I opted for some white lights. Christmas lights that have a bigger bulb will automatically give your tree an old fashion feel.


Adding garland to the tree is a must. I found some vintage garland when I was at a vintage market. They sell tons of garland on Etsy if you are looking for some that is authentic. If you want some newer garland then Amazon has some great choices!

Bubble Lights

Bubble lights are a classic! If you want your tree to look like it was picked out of a 1950's movie, you have to get bubble lights. I got mine from amazon and they were very affordable.


If you have ever seen an old fashioned Christmas movie you would know they go overboard on the tinsel. The more the better! I personally think it looks beautiful!

Tree Topper

An angel is very classic for the top of a tree. Check out your local antique store and I'm sure you will be able to find some vintage tree toppers there.

Toy Train

Toy trains are a must! I always see trains under Christmas trees in old movies. I found my train on Amazon and it was under $21. It even makes noise and blows steam. I was quite excited to see how awesome it looked under the tree.

Fake Snow

If you want  to have a simple yet vintage tree, you can get a can of fake snow and spray your tree. It will make your tree look magical.

Popcorn and Cranberries 

Take a needle and thread and string popcorn and cranberries to make a gorgeous garland for your tree!

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