Apron Giveaway

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be doing this giveaway! If you love vintage things then you will love this prize!

Here are the rules:

Must be subscribed to- Sweetemelyne's and Emelyne (Click the names and it will bring you to the channels)

Follow me on twitter - @sweetemelynes 

Follow me on instagram- @sweetemelynes @emsieebehr (I have 2 so you can follow which ever you would like)

Lastly comment on my video saying "enter me" and leave your twitter/instagram name that you followed me with.

My last giveaway a little girl received a fake message from me saying I closed the giveaway early. I will not be closing this giveaway early. If someone messages you through youtube click on their name, if they do not have 22,000+ subscribers or 0 subscribers than it is not me! They also will not have videos up, you will know that it is me because I have a bunch of cupcake videos up:) 

Start July 22, 2014 
I will pick the winner on August 5, 2014

If you are younger than 18 you must get your parents permission since I will need your address to ship you the prize:) 

Here is the apron:)


  1. Omg..... this is so so awesome!! Super-cute!! Who does not love vintage<3
    u r awesome..love both ur cooking and beauty videos<3
    ig : madhura1987
    twitter @purvasawant1234
    yt: madhura sawant

  2. Your aprons are adorable <3.<3