Blooming Cupcake Flower Pot

Today my sister had her bridal shower and I knew I wanted to bake cupcakes but I wasn't sure what kind to bake. I've been so tired of the same old cupcake presentation, you know, just having the cupcakes out on a platter. So I saw this idea(on pintrest, of course)and knew I had to try it! It looks so hard to make; everyone kept asking me how many hours it took me to make this which was quite funny because this was the easiest arrangement to make. It was a hit! Everyone loved it and some people thought it was a real bouquet. My sister knew I made cupcakes so I told her they were on the counter and she couldn't find them because she saw them but she thought they were real flowers! This led me to think maybe edible bridal bouquets will be the new trend, haha I sure would love one walking down the isle and munching on some cupcakes, well that sounds perfect to me! I hope you enjoy this, if you make one send me pictures to my twitter! @sweetemelines Happy baking!

 **For video instructions click here:) 

Flower pot (I got mine at The Christmas Tree Shop for $4.99)
Styrofoam ball, the size depends on the size of your flower pot
Tooth picks
Stiff buttercream frosting
1M or 2D tip
Cupcakes, of course!

Step 1: 
Place the styrofoam ball into the flower pot, depending on the size you may or may not need to hot glue it in. My ball was a bit large so I stuffed it into the pot so no glue was needed.
Step 2:
Frost the cupcake using my rose frosting tutorial. Your going to want to make sure your frosting is very stiff or else it will slide off of the cupcake. This happened to me only one time and ended up looking like a frosting ring, hehe!
Step 3:
Place toothpicks into the styrofoam and poke the cupcake through the toothpick, do this until the ball is covered with cupcakes. 

Step 4: 
Show it off! And when everyone ooo's and aww's over it, enjoy it and let them think it was hard  to make;)


  1. This is such an adorable idea for a bridal shower! Looks like so much fun to make.

    Ps- I love that you put vintage photos in each of your blog posts- too cute!