Valentine's Day Cupcakes

I don't know about you guys but I love Valentine's Day, I don't just like it a little I LOVE it. I love all the girly colors and hearts. Since it is right around the corner I figured Valentine's cupcakes would be needed. I came up with a couple ideas that will be perfect, wether your spending the night with your valentine or spending it alone with Nicholas Sparks movies these cupcakes will be sure to be a hit. Enjoy:) 
*** If you want video instructions visit my YouTube

 Instructions (for the third cupcake in)

Supplies needed:
-Pink sprinkles
-Tooth pick
-Red fondant

Step one: Frost your cupcake. I like to frost it in a dome shape to give the cupcake more volume.
Step 2: Roll the cupcake in pink sprinkles.

 Step 3: Form a heart out of red fondant, put a tooth pick through the heart and place it into the cupcake!

Instructions (for the second cupcake in)

Supplies needed:
-Glass cup
-Pink and red fondant
-Heart cookie cutter
-Fondant rolling pin
-Edible markers

Step 1: Lightly frost the cupcake. Warm and roll out pink fondant, after you 
do this take a glass and use it as a cookie cutter to punch out a circle. This will be placed on top of the cupcake.

Step 2: Place the pink circle on top of the cupcake. Next, roll out red fondant and using a heart cookie cutter punch out a heart, place this on top of the pink fondant, to make the heart stick to the pink fondant lightly frost the back of the heart before placing it on the cupcake.

Step 3: Using EDIBLE markers write a special note on the heart to your valentine!

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