Ice cream cone cake pops!


  Lately i've been a little tired of making the same old cupcakes so I knew it was time to switch things up. This is why I decided to make ice cream cone cake pops! These are so fun for the summer and much easier than trying to bake a cupcake in a wafer cone! I love how they came out, I was a little worried that it would be too sweet with the chocolate, cake and frosting but I was so surprised when I tried them!  They were DELISH! I know you guys will enjoy them too!


P.s. If you want video instructions click here:)

*Sugar cones
*Wilton candy melts- dark chocolate+pink
*Red Mike&Ikes

Step 1- In a large bowl use a spoon to crumble the cake into small crumbs. Once this is done add in the frosting! You don't want to add too much frosting just enough so that the cake can hold together.

Step2- Form the cake into small balls, the bottom end of the cake ball should have a little point so that it can fit down into the ice cream cone. Once you form the balls place them in.

Step3- Melt the chocolate!! Yummm my favorite part! But don't burn it;) The thing I love about Wilton's candy melts are that they are very easy to melt in the microwave and they will not burn. So no hassel of using a double boiler! Melt the pink chocolate in a large bow and melt the dark chocolate in a squeeze bottle, they sell these at Michael's  If you don't have one of these bottles then you can place the melted dark chocolate in a piping bag and cut off a small tip.

Step4- Be very careful with this next step because it has the potential to be very messy! Rather than turning the cake pop upside down to dip into the chocolate take a spoon and spoon on the chocolate. It's much easier this way. Dont worry if it doesn't look smooth because that is what makes it look like real ice cream! Next, take your squeeze bottle or piping bag and pipe on some chocolate drizzle at the top.

Step6- Time to decorate!! Cut the tip off of your red candy and place that on the top center to resemble a cherry and top it off with some sprinkles!

Step7- Eat your heart out!

*** For the ice cream cone holder I took a box and simply cut small holes into it. However they do sell ice cream cone holders at Target!***

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