Where I Get My Girly Kitchen Equiptment

I get asked almost everyday and in every video where I get my cute pastel kitchen equipment from. Today I decided to post pictures of everything (well almost everything) and let you all know where I get it from! Many of these items are antiques and vintage collectibles so they may be hard to find, I will let you know where to find them though:) 

These adorable little birds are salt & pepper shakers which are vintage. I actually broke one last year and found them on Ebay so I bought a new set!

This spatula is from the Christmas Tree Shop.
There is nothing cuter than some girly straws! These Valentines ones I got from the dollar section at Target. 
 If you cannot find straws at Target you can also check TjMaxx, which is where I got these straws! Normally I get them from Etsy but more and more stores have been selling them lately! 
 This ice cream scooper is from a garage sale. 
My mom got me these scissors this past Christmas and she thinks she got them from Kmart.

 These adorable measuring cups are from Anthropologie. I was just at the store in NYC a few weeks ago and they have many different styles of these now!
 These colorful knives are from TjMaxx. 
These are vintage Pyrex bowls, I got these from Ebay. They can get quite pricey, so look around before you buy! 
 I love teacups! I have a collection of them and they are all vintage. I get them from yard sales and antique stores! 
 These darling cupcake wrappers are from Etsy. When you go to their website type in "candy cups" and thousands of these will pop up! You can bake in them like I do or just fill them with candy. The ones on the top are minis and the bottom ones are standard size.
These paper polka dot wrappers are from TjMaxx. If you can't tell by now I am slightly obsessed with TjMaxx!  

The stripped ones are from the Christmas Tree Shop.
I'm not sure where I got these from. But I do know that they are Martha Stewart brand!  
These little spice bowls are from Michael's Craft Store. 
 This mixer is a Kitchen Aid brand, I also have a stand mixer from them but I am not a fan of it. I decided to try this one out and I love it! I got it from Target.
These bowls came in a set for $5!! Once again this is from TjMaxx. 
This vintage mixer I got at an estate sale for $5! I couldn't pass it up. It is a sunbeam and you could find it on ebay or etsy.  


  1. Thanks, i am already on the search for a few of the items listed. :)

  2. Where did you get the flower cookie cutter from your chanel cupcake video?

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