My Exercise Routine 2016 + FREE Workout Printable

It's that time of the year when everyone starts hitting the gym! I love seeing people inspired to want to work out and better their health. One of my most asked questions is how I stay slim when I'm surrounded by so many delicious desserts everyday? Well, to tell you the truth I usually only sample what I make. I think most people would assume I eat every single baked good that I make, but I don't! Unless it's macarons of course;) I actually love eating healthy and getting in shape. Of course there are times where I'd rather be lazy and eat a bunch of cookies (which I do) but I usually enjoy cooking healthy meals that I know will make me feel good.
I became a vegetarian last year, I definitely feel that I have learned healthier eating habits since I made the switch. It's a bit harder to figure out what to eat but the options are much healthier. If you're considering becoming a vegetarian or want to feel inspired about eating healthier go to Netflix and watch some of the food documentaries! A couple of my favorites are Food Inc. and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. They will both want you to change your eating habits for good! One of my favorite meals to make in the winter time is Vegetarian Taco Soup, I made a blog post on this recipe. It is so simple and tastes DELISH! I even have some delicious Vegan Dessert recipes including 3 ingredient brownies!!
Now, getting into my workout routine! I feel that when I go to the gym I push myself harder because there are people around and I feel silly giving up quickly. When I workout from home, I often take many breaks or won't do as much because there is no one around to push me. However, some people workout better from home than they do when working out in a gym! I decided to create an at-home workout that is very similar to my gym workout for you all! If you feel this workout is too much for you then simply cut the reps in half. If you feel this workout is too easy for you then double it! I also love using ankle weights and 5 pound hand weights to make my workout more challenging.

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