How To Start A YouTube Channel PART 2: Filming Equipment

Hello loves! A while back I made a blog post on how to start a YouTube channel  and to my surprise it did very well. Since then, I have been getting a ton of requests to make a part 2 about my filming equipment. Today I will share all of the camera equipment I use. You can view my YouTube channel here

Let's start with the camera and lens. The camera I use is the Canon T5i . I love this camera because it has auto focus. So when you sit down to film you don't have to worry about if you are in focus. My first camera did not have auto focus, I had to take a giant teddy bear and sit it on my bed then focus my camera to it and run into frame and film. This often ended in a blurry video which was so frustrating. The main lens I use is the Canon 18-135mm STM. It is amazing!! It gives the background a nice soft blur and keeps me in focus. It helps to create a smooth video and amazing photos. If you get this lens make sure you get the STM. If you do not you will hear the lens auto-focusing in your video and it will be very annoying. You can also use an auto-focus remote, that way you can sit down and use the remote to focus yourself in frame. The second lens I use is the Canon 50mm. This lens takes GORGEOUS photos, it creates a very blurry background which is what most YouTubers look for. The issue with this lens is that it is very difficult to film with, it is very shaky and auto-focuses loud. I love using this lens for my thumbnail photos. On my camera I have a microphone. The mic I use is the Rode video mic pro. It is amazing, it will block out any background noise.
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Now let's talk about lighting! I love using natural light, if I can't use natural light due to the weather I will use studio lights. A ring light is also a must for beauty bloggers! The Diva Ring Light will make you look flawless and add a more professional look to your videos.
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If you have any other questions let me know!

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