My Weekend at the Country Living Fair

The Country Living Fair comes to Rhinebeck, NY every year. I've been going since they started it 3 years ago and it has become the highlight of my year for me!
I usually get a 3-day early bird pass. I stay from when it opens at 8:30 am to when it closes at 5pm. No matter how many times I go around to the different vendors I always find new treasures!
I didn't get much this year since I feel my collection of vintage items is getting to be a bit much hehe! I've made friends with many of the sellers and look forward to seeing them each year.
I usually get some vintage aprons, I didn't get any this year! There were so many cute Christmas aprons I wish I had gotten! Last year I was drooling over a pair of vintage suit cases, I ended up not getting them but still thought about them all the time. When I went back to the seller this year she still had them!! I wasn't as in love with them when I saw them this time so I decided to hold off.


I stopped by Cash and Cari and they has this beautiful, re-purposed love seat! If I had room for it I would have gotten it! It was so beautiful and colorful. After all that walking I was quite hungry, I got bruschetta on bread. It was delish! Now, let's talk about what I bought!
Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.27.07 AM
I stumbled upon this vendor that made these beautiful bracelets from vintage earrings. My mom wears vintage earrings so I knew I had to get her one, I also decided to buy myself one too! These bracelets have an attachment which turns them into a gorgeous necklace! Here is her Etsy shop!Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.33.42 AM
Next, I bought a small Pyrex coffee pot. I had never saw one so small and thought it would be darling to brew my tea in for the mornings. I also bought a vintage Christmas tree. I was in such a Christmasy mood this weekend. Anything Christmasy I wanted! Here is this sellers Etsy shop! Her booth was without a doubt my favorite! I kept going back to it.IMG_4983
After the fair was over I realized I was so busy shopping and vlogging I didn't get any pictures of myself there! You can check out my vlog of the weekend for more footage :) After the fair on Sunday Connor and I headed to my parents with my sister to celebrate graduating college and they gave me an AMAZING suprise! Watch my vlog to find out!

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